【Assassin's Creed一代/AU】

CP: Altair/Malik




One day, he met the musician.


It was evening, with the afterglow pouring thick yellow light into the Palace.The musician leaned against the balustrade, holding reeshe with his fingers and occasionally picked the strings.Light sound echoing gracefully in the building and dissolved into the air lazily.He tilted his head to meet with the musician's eyes.


Those golden eyes. Staring as if they were to swallow him.


He abruptly moved away to look at another place, feeling a bit embarrassing.


"No need to look away." The musician slightly chuckle. The cold in his gleaming eyes melted away, replacing with gentleness.His voice was deep. Fits him perfectly. Suddenly the thought occurred to him. He hesitated a while, then turned back to look at him.Actually he's examining the musician's face.


Though the shadow covered that man, he could recognized the sun-kissed skin and no need to mention those gorgeous eyes again.And the shallow scar across the left side of his lips. Way too handsome for a musician.


"So you're the new musician, I supposed?" He finally went back to reality and spoke. "First time being here?"
"Actually, no." The man put his Oud aside but was still staying where he was. "I'd worked here before."
"Then I supposed you're the one I'm going to work with?What's your name?"


"It's polite to reveal yourself before asking for someone's name."
The musician's lips curled into a visible grin."Altair. The last name doesn't matter."
He silenced a while, and sighed. " Malik. And my last name doesn't matter, either." He said.
"Malik, then." Grin shifted into smile. And Malik found himself unable to move his eyes away.


"How did you even get to this? Being a dancer."
"I'm not being forced." Malik replied with sharp tone. "I'm here since I can remember things."
"You know the cost, don't you?"


He did know. But he became silent again, not wanting to answer Altair further.
"Being the top dancer in Harem...you dance for Sultan. The Palace is your whole world.You're not allowed leave for the whole life...just like a nightingale in the golden cage.


You dance for him, and only for him. Even your feet start bleeding, you cannot stop.


And the only way to end this---" "Enough."


Malik shut his eyes, panting in furious.
"Seems you know it very well." "I do." He answered immediately.


"....If that is my end, then so be it." He said softly, and quietly."I'm not fighting back."


Altair looked at him, with emotion which Malik couldn't recognize filling the golden eyes.

He then spoke, with the voice falling into the void.




"...Then so be it."