You always haunt me. (Altair/Malik)

【Assassin's Creed/原始設定】

CP: Altair/Malik


Inspired by lanimalu's picture.


You always haunt me.


Is there one night you aren't in my dream, whether is it nightmare or daydream?

Moonlight is always too bright to stare at, as if it could see through me, deep into my heart, my feeling, and makes me totally exposed.

Even foolish like you can easily catch a glimpse at my true desire.


So I hide it from the world.


But how can I refuse it at night? You emerge out of thin air, like smoke, and reconstruct your body in the air. A ghost, or mirage mantled with your skin.

You reach out your hand. Fingertips almost as solid as a real peason, and slide over my forehead, the shell of my ear , and then my neck.

Even the slightest touch makes me gasp as if it was freezing cold, but it's the warmest touch I can ever imagined.


I keep my eyes shut, not once have I opened it during the touch.

Maybe I'm just afraid that you might disappear right in front of me as soon as I try to take a glance.



And that kiss is only too surreal.








Malik woke up in the early daylight. Despite the sun had merely risen from the horizon, he woke up, rubbing his tired face and his messy ebony-colored hear.

He managed to get to his feet, yet finding each of his muscle were screaming in pain. Groaning in annoyance, he struggled to stand up and grabbed the linen towel with him to the fountain.


The orient sun rose to the sky. As he finally sat behind his desk and was just going to bury himself into map making, he heard that footstep.


Like a feather caressed the ground, it could barely be heard. But since Malik was a well-trained assassin, he can easily catch that sound.



He didn't even have to figure whose the owner of it.



"Don't even try to bother me with any of your tiniest trivia." Malik spat out at the moment Altair popped his head in.

"I thought you've already forgiven me."

"No, I don't."

"May I stay outside?"

"Can't you see I'm working? Go away."


Altair stalked around the doorway without stepping into Malik's working place, wondering why was the older man so pissed.

When he got a glare after 5 minutes, he decided it would be better for him to stay on the roof.

It seemed Malik didn't remember what happened last night, and Altair's wonder grew larger while he thought of the possibility of forgetting everything.



After a while, he jumped off the rooftop and went for his investigation.



Malik was not relieved until Altair's noise was finally disappeared. He's appearance tended to make Malik anxious and, which made him confused, instinctively tensed up.


His dream kept flashing back.



Nibbling, panting, sweating, caressing, grinding, and he sat on Altair's waist, he straddled and rode him hard.



His face flushed with slight pink in a sudden as he was aware of the growing heat in his lower belly.

Soon he decided to get rid of the thought and start working on his map.


Time passed by and he didn't even mention. He skipped his lunch and not until the sun started to sink into the horizon did he pull himself out of those endless lines and buildings and piles of parchments.

Malik ate his dinner and then turned to finish some ending works.

Before he went to bed, he realized that the bureau had been in silence for the whole day. Altair didn't try to mess around after Malik scolded him away.


That made him wonder, even began to suspected what was Altair doing. His mind flew across the Holy Land, thinking every possible place the eagle might stay.

Maybe he's just hanging around? That's possible.


After sparing some time truly caring Altair, Malik sighed and turned to let his tired mind rest.


When the moon rose to the top of the sky, the light was harsh, even with him closing his eyes, he could feel it cover his body like gauze.

Then, he heard it again. The ghost chuckled, stepping closer, and leaned forward to rub its palm over Malik's caramel skin.


He's mind floated between conscious and the dreamland, being unable to recognize if that was reality or not.


Fingers tracked down the same path in those dreams, undoing his clothes. The ghost press its soft lips on Malik's neck, sucking a bit harder and leave a trace of pink marks.

Hiss quickly turned into moan, and the ghost seemed satisfied and pressed its lips on Malik's as a reward.


He support himself with his arm and bring their kiss deeper and harder, nipping until he feel that shallow scar on the corner. Malik couldn't help but linger over it desperately.

When it pulled back, a string of their saliva glittered under the silver light, and its well-formed lips wore a little smirk.


For once, Malik wanted to open his eyes and look into its face when they kiss, wanting to grab its broad shoulders and holding that strong back tight when he moaned in desire.






When the low voice purred into his ear, he almost forgot how to breathe.



"Open your eyes."



Biting his lower lip, Malik shook his head, refused to open those coal black eyes. He then feel the touch again, smoothly pressed against his face with the thumb rubbing the corner of his lips.


"Look at me, Malik."


"Look at me."




"Look at me."






"Look at me, please."




It felt like eternity until Malik exhaled a shaky breath, reaching out his hand and fumbling to find his forehead, his brows, his cheek, and the cut on his lips.

Finally he lifted his eyelids and looked into those shimmering amber-coloured eyes.




"You're always haunting me, Altair." He could feel himself trembling.















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I'll write my comment in English, ok? I think it's easier for you to understand, isn't it? :)

Okay ... THIS story ...was so wonderful! O:
It was totally sexy, poetic and dramatic.
I can't believe you had those awesome ideas because of my picture. You know, I didn't have meaningful thoughts, when I was drawing it. I just thought: Okay, that looks ... sexy ... more or less. XD
And also the title was a last-minute desicion.
But you made it such a beautiful thing. And above all ... you described Malik and Altair so authentically.
Thank you for writing it, it's great! I'd like to read some more Assassin's Creed fanfics from you! :)

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Lanimalu recommended your FF to me.

This fanfiction is amazing.
I love it how you portray them both with so little words. And yet you can feel the atmosphere is really intense.
Your writing style is great. You can handle words well.

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I used Duetsch on your blog was because I ...I want to practice it a little bit :D.

I'm glad you like it! Actually English is not my native tongue but I managed to write this in it because I would really like you to read it. I want to express the feelings I saw in your picture.
In fact, I first saw your works on pixiv which was named "you always haunt me." and then the one on your blog. I kind of combine these two and make it into one fic.

To sum up, I really appreciate and glad you love it!
I'll try to write more(and also improve my vocabulary OTL)...

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It's my pleasure to have you read it!
I've tried my best to describe them and also the atmosphere, and I'm so glad you did receive the feelings!
Thanks a lot for your reading and comment!

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Ah, I see. You are from Taiwan, aren't you? So where did you learn German anyway? In school/university?
Wow, so you wrote it in English (your vocabulary already IS pretty good, by the way!) just because you wanted me to read it? That's so cute. XD
I'm happy you did so and I told some friends of mine to read it too, because I like the story so much. :)

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Yes, I'm from Taiwan. I learn German in university. It's now my major, actually.
I'm surprised when I saw your friend's comment! To be honest, I didn't expect that, but I am truly grateful!

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Uuh, that's cool! May I ask you where your interest for German comes from? I don't know if you want to talk about it, I'm just curious. :)
That's kind of funny, because at first I wanted to study sinology or japanology.
But now I'm studying something completely different ... I'm not really having a talent for languages, so I guess it's better that way. XD

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At first, I tended to study Japanese for long having interest in it. And the reason why I turned to German's kind of not a very normal reason, I guess. But to be honest, not until I read APH( Axis Power Hetalia, I supposed you know it already?) did I found my interest in German. Not only the character, but also the history and culture. Since I also have interest in foreign languages, I took the entrance exam to both Japanese and European Languages Department( we have Spanish, French, and German.) but I failed at the Japanese and EL became my only permission to take.

That's the whole story. And yes, my reason is kinda weird...and not that pleasing OTL. But after I entered it and started learning, I DO find out I'm happy to be in it. And maybe I'll go to Germany next year. To Trier, I guess.

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I admit: I had to laugh after reading that you took German because of Hetalia. XD
But when I think about it ... it's absolutely alright. I mean, it makes no difference what brought you to German, when you like it now. :)

And I guess I'm a bit like you. XD
I never really liked Italy, because I'm living in the South of Austria, very close to the Italian border. And SO MANY italian tourists are coming here (to Wörthersee and to Villach) and they are so annoying!!
In most cases they don't speak English (and no German of course) and so you have to communicate with your hands and feet, lol. And their way of driving cars is dangerous to life ... XD
Ehm, well ... but since I've played Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood I'm very interested in Italy. Actually, I was in Venice last week and I want to visit Rome next year. :)
I also started refreshing my Italian-skills (I already had it in school for 7 years).

So, you see ... your reason to like German is not that strange. XD
What do you want to do after finishing your study? You wanna move to Europe or staying in Taiwan? :)

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I knew it! Oh that's embarrassing.(cover face) But I also have to admit that I went to study a little bit Italian because of AC2 and ACB.(DOH) And next one goes to Arabic haha.

As after finishing my study...I guess moving to Europe may be possible,and I will love that, but more likely I will stay in Taiwan for a few years, working for the government.(shrug)